“IF THE HEAT DOESN’T MELT OUR BALLOONS” –  On June 28 we will see you dancing close to the ground….

Walking on water:

* outdoors. 7pm-0. * bbq, smoothies, real vibes *
Hunee (Hunch Music)
Finn Johannsen (Hardwax)
Bleepgeeks (Ulm)
Dimitri’s So Emotional – Live (Return To Zero)
* indoors. 0-5am. * balloons, fog, baby powder *
San Soda (We Play House)
Antal (Rush Hour)
Mick Wills (Nation)
* outdoors. 5-7am. * bringing you back to the sun sun sun*
Mark Seven (Parkway)

“HOLY MOLY WE ARE MOVING TO L.A!” – Hello everyone, yes indeed, we say hello to the sun of California. But we are not going to leave you thirsty this year. Our NEXT Holy is coming up! Join us for Caviar and dance, or book your ticket and fly.


“WHO WANTS A WHITE LABEL ANYWAYS..” – As we said, don’t come here for news but for revival.

“NO CASH-NO PLAY, INDEED…” – The Next Holy is a matter of time and place! Officially we don’t do a party for a while, we made this move to work our way when the right kick hits….


“THIS DJR-400, WILL PERISH” –  if you don’t catch them from the Sears Tower catch them down here at Festsaal Kreuzberg tonight. Never seen a match made in heaven ‘back to back’, thats the holy truth. Let’s see it, for the first time these two pretty buns are spreading no butter…



“THE LIBRARIAN IN BROOKLYN” – We are not pretty sure who told who what. The news got here a bit later, as usual. Anyhow we saved our kisses for the next graduation.

Carlos Souffront at the kiss & tell july 2010.


“OUT OF THE ORDINARY” – Kids we said ‘STOP’! – Traxx 40th birthday at Tape Club Saturday 30.07!


**signed by Hunch music, our home based pilot,

last sunday at panorama bar.


“ALL YOU GIRLS MAY BE WONDERING…” – We can count on Last Thursday to be a musical oasis. Up ‘there’ on the stage, the last three tracks from Sadar and Theo on a back to back last minute set were raging towards infinity. On the other side, back to real business, tap water business, you do realize that it is taking a bit longer than usual carrying along with our holy occupation, for many reasons that is. One reasons is that we are spending all our money on cupcakes, and unfortunately not on Girls….


“RIP 2011 LOLEATTA HOLLOWAY” – heavily sampled, heavily danced and heavily she left disco with a broken heart. But we won’t cry, we’ll just keep singing ‘Hit and Run’….



The temperature of love rising

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