This video is incredible. It shows probably everything that means something to us when it comes to a real party. big big XL fun!

“what’s he doing with the mixer ? and what mixer is it ?”

“thats how you have a real party with the music cutting off and everything. im happy for those brothers”

“u know the music’s good when grown men are hanging from I-Beams doing karate kicks into the air. grown folk shit!”

“Abso-fucking-lutely, it was 2004! I was at that damn party. In the basement of a beauty shop. Suprised to this clip, on the tube. This is how we do it, in the Chi!”

“First of all..thank you for this gorgeous party moment. was so much fun watching this… In the end I´m a bit sad.. In the 90s there were still parties like this, but now these days in Germany everyone seems to feel like a top model!
People, get real- party- together!”

“sometimes i pretend im there.”