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“SOUNDS ON THE CLOUD” – it’s getting lighter by the hour. Holy Water open eyes to a music space up in the clouds to share good memories and pieces of 7th Heaven. Sharing our music feeling before the party is like preparing a good bath tub, its hot, foggy and in the midst of roses and a good magazine, dreaming for music and lights while you Plug in the Cloud!



“LUKE WYATT DID ONE HOLY JOB– This DVD has no limit, in the car, in the streets, in the kitchen, in the shower, in the post office, to private house parties, Peoples Potential Unlimited are also breaking down to us slowly in any space. Washington’s D.C.’s boogie bandits are coming straight to the dance floor with a revelation far more then old school moves. This community of musicians are pushing our sound for the June party with Sadar Bahar, as the irresistible classic “family Album” brings the Party to a danger zone – It’s gonna be a Secret Location! stay tune! Barry keeps on whispering ….

The temperature of love rising

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