” SO CUT A LONG STORY SHORTER “ – Mark Ramples and we Sevenize. Here are some ingredients. First of all the base:

My dad was a drummer + dance music and soul + kids in the ‘burbs it was exciting stuff + Saturday buying records at City Sounds, Groove, Quaff, Music Power + just dancing, getting inspired + Turns out its Bill Shannon + pestering him to sell me stuff + The Cricketers. That place had some great dj’s, Jasper the vinyl junkie, Jazzy M – great stuff, inspiration + Bill was a true purist and I think he soon regretted having anything to do with us! + Early in ’88 we went to a party called Hedonism, that blew me away + running a party in Windsor + we fell into a great crowd + I feel so lucky to have been at the right place + Future, Spectrum, Shoom, parties like Destination Moon + yep, Oakenfold too. Hard to imagine but he was fantastic then… “La Habanera”! + But I can’t overstate how big an influence Rampling was + we just wanted to be Rampling! + He would have to be the single biggest influence on me as a dj.

And After all that Rampling,

Apart from the Black Lodge I do a night called NewYorkSocialClub in a small college town called Uppsala
+ Selection is important, otherwise you’re not dj’ing, you’re just playing records and everyone can instinctively hear the difference + Let’s face it I’m an old man: most of the time I fantasize about some mythical drinking club with wood panelling, a real fire and a perfect sound, great drinks and nice people… but mostly the closest thing to that is my front room ….

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