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“THE LIBRARIAN IN BROOKLYN” – We are not pretty sure who told who what. The news got here a bit later, as usual. Anyhow we saved our kisses for the next graduation.

Carlos Souffront at the kiss & tell july 2010.



“HOLY COW!” – Out of all the wonders in the world, the Michigan radio WCBN-FM is the new place to find Wolfgang Voigt in his trousers a little holier than usual. One of Carlos’ radio experiments, here it is: Straight up from the encyclopedia not tested on the knees yet. And afterwards if nothing seems to be broken, you can brake it at the NEXT Holy!



“YOU CAN’T LEARN IT AT SCHOOL…” – While you are still young get yourself one of these!…Carlos Live Mix at the Substance Nights – Fink club – Essen – 2003! Catch one of these at the NEXTHoly – Thursday February 3rd!




“STRECHING OUT” – That guy on the cover is not Greg Smithey its Mark’s latest treat and it doesn’t hurt! Its pure pleasure…

This salute is to the djs & music on the classics NY & SF discoteques that inspired me as I dug into the playlist of pioneers like Roy Thode, Jim Burgess, Robbie Leslie, Bobby Viteritti, Warren Gluck, Michael Fierman, Frank Houlihan, Chuck Parsons, Howard Merritt, Alan Dodd and more. Names that are often overlooked as disco history is written on larry, Frankie, Nicky & David

Get yourself a copy, its November!




“ONE MORE TIME LETS REVIEW THE FEW TREASURES OUT THERE” – if Mark Seven was to leave a personal testament, is not his Vinyl Kingdom or his Divine edits to us all. There for you, packed and ready to sevenize is the signature to fly; suctioning the Atlantic through a fire hydrant, we might just call this case not closed! – Friday October 29!


Mystery mix * MM014

Cool in the Pool * StopDontStop

ToTheBone * DriveTimeDanceParty AB

Voices Collective * Live Recorded

H-Track * Mk7

Juswax * MeanWhile CD

Live @ Horse Meat Disco * A salute to the Men of Vauxhall


“WHAT ABOUT THE FEVER?” – The journey was unstoppable, except for the fog machine taking a long break. We killed the machine with Sadar’s 7 x 30 inch record box guiding the real chicago “feeling”. No doubt It could been a better sound system but all in all on the dance floor, in between the two dancing poles, the vibe kept bouncing off the walls. Oh yeah! The floor was full of salt which could of been two kilos more for the sake of it!
Well folks, you ask for it, you got it, and if you didn’t asked for it better live for it, disco as a life style, no tracks in between and like LaJohn and Sheela would recall “to far gone”! From chicken wings underground parties to today’s Soul in the Hole, never been so strictly rhythm.



+++ Sadar Bahar * LIVE at Holy Water and JAW – pt.2 +++

+++ Sadar Bahar * LIVE at Holy Water and JAW – pt.3 +++

+++ Sadar Bahar * LIVE at Holy Water and JAW – pt.4 +++


“SADAR NON STOP” – Rock the boat down! (Paris, 2006 @ J.A.W. Party)



“YOU KNOW WE DO IT OUT OF LOVE” – From Windy City Chicago, member of the Soul in The Hole, Sadar Bahar likes the deep dish with extremely rare B-Side disco sounds, soul-funk instrumentals, deep album-cuts and early house productions. He will land in the middle of Kreuzberg on JUNE 26, with the deejay performance that bounds the soul to the dance floor and tights the heart to the waist. On this special Summer day sweat it off with a Soul in the Hole XXL t-shirt, granny knows, tight don’t work! Sadar’s punching deejaying is gonna need some space in between the bones!



“RAHAANISM” –  No doubt this took a bit longer that what we thought, but here it is: PART I and PART II of “High Rise”, that started with Rahaan playing Rah Band – Message from the stars, and finished up with some crazy gospel funk track – around three hours of live mixing and dancing while streaming also live on Stickam, one of those great suggestions of the man itself. Yes, we all dance and ate some good pizza; wine and soda, beer and all that, made up our good behavior. Hunch Music closed up the night, but unfortunately we didn’t record that.



“AS PROMISED” – Rahaan’s special mix for us is once more, what you heads know – a blast!, from Chicago’s own. In between, we where interested in something out of the basement, cause sure enough, any of you have enjoyed opening up a spot in your files for his mixes. Rather something  fresh, up and out of the blue – his own “in my bag”, latest colors and tones of tracks and songs from the past days, are put together for you with love in Rahaan’s Dance world.



The temperature of love rising

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