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**signed by Hunch music, our home based pilot,

last sunday at panorama bar.



“THE THIRSTY CASE OF THURSDAY NIGHT” – In no predetermined order, much love and appreciation to the following, who preformed happily over the 2 kilos of Salt, spread on the Dancefloor:

+++Carlos Souffront, Dancer at the speaker, Dancer#1,2,3,4,5,6,7,

Dancer against the Bar, Golden Girl, Predator, Paramedic#1 and 2, school kid,

Journalist, Bar boys, Guard, Dimitri, Master c&j, Lights Girl & Boy and

The jakki Brothers: Ben, Emil & Thomas+++



“LET THE HOLY-DAY BE PART OF OUR MEMORIES” – Finn Johannsen is a Holy resident and a Druffa, one of Berlin’s stunning music Treasures and a dancer that cannot be mistaken on the Dancefloor. He danced his way through Club Front in the 80’s and 90’s, with no doubt he will expose every minute of his dance memories at the front desk of Hard Wax, there where he pays his dues to the music business and the vinyl pleasures.


Holy Water catch Finn taking a rest, stretching out ….

“When Hunee and Anita first told me about their plans to bring Carlos Souffront to Berlin, I was instantly puzzled. I simply never heard of him. But then Holy Water has a thing about booking special DJs, and I had no doubts that he would be special, too. Being a more or less thorough journalist, I of course asked friends from the US about “the librarian of techno”, and everybody knew him, and confirmed his specialness with knowing smiles.

Then a few days before the party, Carlos entered Hard Wax and displayed the behavior of someone who knows hot to dig, and knows how to find. He was a very amiable fellow, and he seemingly knew most of what the shop had in stock. But instead of going for the latest exclusives or current sounds associated with Berlin’s techno scene, he cleared the Irdial Discs section. Not exactly a label it is easy to find your way into,  but once you do find your way into it, a weird but wonderful parallel universe opens up to you. And that I knew, because I did clear the Irdial Discs section a short time before him. That party could be something special, I thought.

And it was. Most of the US friends I asked earlier indeed showed up to pay their dues, and there was a good contingent of people curious of what Holy Water would come up this time. And apparently nobody was disappointed. For someone who has some knowledge about club music, it was a good feeling to listen and dance to someone who knows more, and makes perfect use of it. A lot of what I heard him play I never heard before, but it all sounded great to me. There were a few good old companions in the playlist, but only those you never tire of, and the rest seemed like a long sound pattern of what I ever loved about electronic dance music. Ideas, surprises, breaks and builds, some rough in sound, some pristine. All delivered in a refreshingly open approach to scenes and legacies, surely developed from an attitude that it is how it sounds that counts, and not where it is coming from, and when. It is Carlos Souffront’s special thing to make it all sound like it was especially made to shape up whatever Carlos Souffront had in mind for the set of the night. Which, more than ever, is something special”








“NEXT HOLY-DAY” Tonight! One heat after the other! After those doors open for you, Hunch Music celebrating his ‘Official School’s Over Party’ with Carlos Souffront, The Librarian! Thank you all balloon riders! For giving us a hand, we hope the rest will give some foot work!




Well…. We almost forgot, another graduated creature…..


“GET YOUR RE-TOUCH AT THE DOOR” – This Thursday February 3rd, Dimitri from Bulgaria up front at the doors of the NEXT Holy, will give you a clean and smooth feeling of an indigo smile and the touch of heat.




Detroit’s underground scene party is Carlos’ Label. Feeding his listeners every Thursday night through WCBN and sharing with friends at local parties is Carlos’ entertainment. Exposing the Midwest and America to the best european cheese is Carlos’ Work.

A Dancefloor full of salt is Holy Water’s Label (the balloons are just a birthmark). Feeding Berlin four times a year with a ‘self made man’ is Holy Water’s entertainment. Exposing what’s going on in the last 20 years in the underground of Chicago, Detroit and South England, so far, is our work.


And enough Water to save the day ….



“DANCE A LITTLE BIT CLOSER” – in the streets, in the metro, in the Haus, in the NEXTHolyHunch Music will take on ‘that’ and this:



“UNITY” – We gave it some thought after last night as we wonder why so much space in between the dance floor. Mark will be back for sure for revenge. Last night, there was not enough justice to the beat in between. See it all very soon – Tube.

Here is how the Earth was made in seven days: We crumble up into our own personal beat, sound, genre, click, pum pum da da, going around MUTE. Once you’re in mute you are facing a dance that is much soft, elemental and raw. You’re on your own, no support, no cushioning, watch how the dance starts to dive into a vibe – undefinable as love – moving in between checking on all corners to look for touch…

Easy folks, the Ula Ula keeps on spinning.



“HUNEE ALWAYS CARRYING SOME HEAVY STUFF FOR US” – All daddies about to hunch, wishes going ups and coming downs before this Friday October 29 – limited between Chirstian Gaubert to Rare pleasure.

The temperature of love rising

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