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“FORGET THE VIBE AND GET THE SPICE” – Our last smoky mess with Mark Seven is finally up and running at the Tube.



“STRECHING OUT” – That guy on the cover is not Greg Smithey its Mark’s latest treat and it doesn’t hurt! Its pure pleasure…

This salute is to the djs & music on the classics NY & SF discoteques that inspired me as I dug into the playlist of pioneers like Roy Thode, Jim Burgess, Robbie Leslie, Bobby Viteritti, Warren Gluck, Michael Fierman, Frank Houlihan, Chuck Parsons, Howard Merritt, Alan Dodd and more. Names that are often overlooked as disco history is written on larry, Frankie, Nicky & David

Get yourself a copy, its November!




“DRINK UP ITS PURE MARK” – for the next couple of days, if this weather keeps on pushing us inside the house you will be more blessed than us – Videos coming soon from our last Holy with Mark Seven



“UNITY” – We gave it some thought after last night as we wonder why so much space in between the dance floor. Mark will be back for sure for revenge. Last night, there was not enough justice to the beat in between. See it all very soon – Tube.

Here is how the Earth was made in seven days: We crumble up into our own personal beat, sound, genre, click, pum pum da da, going around MUTE. Once you’re in mute you are facing a dance that is much soft, elemental and raw. You’re on your own, no support, no cushioning, watch how the dance starts to dive into a vibe – undefinable as love – moving in between checking on all corners to look for touch…

Easy folks, the Ula Ula keeps on spinning.



“BACK IN THE DAYS” – If you hear whispers at night its not Barry, waking up in the middle of the night cause your feet itch is not fleas, the pillow seems a bit stiff all of a sudden you end up rolling on the floor waking up and going to kitchen and drinking out of an old cafe cup, is not insomnia. At the end of the day you get a note from the main office that your christmas bonus will be hold back and finally you want to go home and sleep, a car comes and splashes you with heavy watery mud your new Escada, and your almost at the door, entering the doors of home, when you see from far away a bulldog coming to rip of your pants… The story is, you had the only chance to enter the Black Lodge…



“FROM PHILLY TO TOKYO VIA STOCKHOLMMark Seven treats himself well while next to diva Diana Ross where it starts taking lessons of love. But living up to duo Ashford & Simpson is starting to mess up around love making. It turns out to be, that on this one chorus of “the Boss” is where all comes together, the moment of love where no dancers can put up with the Boss! Run away to a flying start this coming Friday October 29!!!


“BACK FROM HIS AUSTRALIA TOUR” Mark Seven, with a smile on his face and some serious shoulder movements going down …


Full cream at RA Reviews.


“OUR VERY OWN BALLOON SCHAKAL” – An actual ID of this man is going through 1000 latex balloons, three days after October 29. He shoots way up high – Mark is definitely growing for a kill!



“ONE MORE TIME LETS REVIEW THE FEW TREASURES OUT THERE” – if Mark Seven was to leave a personal testament, is not his Vinyl Kingdom or his Divine edits to us all. There for you, packed and ready to sevenize is the signature to fly; suctioning the Atlantic through a fire hydrant, we might just call this case not closed! – Friday October 29!


Mystery mix * MM014

Cool in the Pool * StopDontStop

ToTheBone * DriveTimeDanceParty AB

Voices Collective * Live Recorded

H-Track * Mk7

Juswax * MeanWhile CD

Live @ Horse Meat Disco * A salute to the Men of Vauxhall


“SAVE YOUR MINT FOR THE REAL DEAL”Friday, October 29, 90 degrees and its all that there is to it.



Here it comes, the real deal,
And its rolling rocking rolling your way.

Here it comes, the real deal,
And its rolling rocking rolling your way.
Talking about the real deal.

the real deal,
the real deal,

Times, feel
Moving in the passing day
We want anymore from this life
Believing of our selves,
we’re giving,
true, time,
it only now so don’t forget its time to moving to life
You’re leaving,
give the most, while you’re here.

Here it comes, the real deal,
And its rolling rocking rolling your way.

the real deal,
the real deal,

No way you walking this before, this side
For what emotion, is our stride
We are pretending here is the sun that has arrived
Its the rocking rolling we are gonna make about.

Here it comes, it comes
Here it comes, it comes
Here it comes, it comes

From where ever you are the real deal its coming your way.
Its real, ah ah, Its real real,
Its real, ah ah, Its real real,
Its real, ah ah, Its real real,

The temperature of love rising

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