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“THIS DJR-400, WILL PERISH” –  if you don’t catch them from the Sears Tower catch them down here at Festsaal Kreuzberg tonight. Never seen a match made in heaven ‘back to back’, thats the holy truth. Let’s see it, for the first time these two pretty buns are spreading no butter…




“ALL YOU GIRLS MAY BE WONDERING…” – We can count on Last Thursday to be a musical oasis. Up ‘there’ on the stage, the last three tracks from Sadar and Theo on a back to back last minute set were raging towards infinity. On the other side, back to real business, tap water business, you do realize that it is taking a bit longer than usual carrying along with our holy occupation, for many reasons that is. One reasons is that we are spending all our money on cupcakes, and unfortunately not on Girls….


“NON-STOP – GET YOUR PASS” – Berlin is innocent! You are guilty, JAW is guilty, we are guilty... might be tempting to bring an accused friend along.


“GET YOUR PASS” – Sunday somewhere in Amsterdam, these three lovely cupcakes wont put up with red lights!



“LOVE IN BETWEEN THE TOES” – Dancing feet videos are smoking in between the balloon cosmos. Here are the chop and tasty pieces of one video on the Holy night with Sadar. The sound of the microwave boogie, radioactive in the midst of the sick fog machine and once in a while, the scream of the agonizing tone of the video camera man. Tho all sizes are welcome to this Holy smoking night, that includes all natural beings to release themselves, release their wings and release release the self expected musical destination of any musical genre. Its Sadar and its body music.


“ALL NIGHT LONG” – By the warmest summer, the city is just full of outdoor distractions, meaning those videos and pics haven’t stand a chance under the weather circumstances. Nevertheless, they will soon be posted with Sadar’s live-set to keep the temperature raising!

Happily seeing that some people where splashing the flash all over. We love for you to send us some of your memories to our Email and join our holy-newsletter, as the next Holy is stepping closely baby! Sadar kept the balloons alive all night long ready for the morning happy ride on the tail of some dance kicking girls…


“ROLL ON THOSE LYRICS” – It is known about Sadar to bring up a unique disco fever around rare beats of disco and funk. I found this tune on one of Sadar’s mixes. The multi breaks of this track by all means are the work of the hands and soul of William “Butch” Brown and Ronnie “Gee” Carson. The effects of “Tiger Dan” can not be missed. It is one true reverb intergalactic funky input. And the lyrics, once all is plugged, are to bring spice to every brake. “Disco Fever” gives the dancers space and time to become part of the beat, in an instant knowledge and performance between the dancing atmosphere and a groove background. When you think about it, its more hypnotic than ever, when someone is telling you on all key sounds “you gotta dance it of”, well, we all know some people that gotta be reminded that their knees are still there! And that, on Saturday too!


+++RARE ESSENCE – DISCO FEVER,1978 Major +++

We give you funky music but it will have a disco beat
The way you sing, will rock the world,

its disco fever
You feel your body burning it makes you move your feet
You got the right to dance somebody, yeah.

It makes you dance clap your hands
And bring the heat around your body
Let the music make your body move
Disco king and queen
They got the fever
It makes your feet together
It keeps you in the groove

They got the right to dance somebody
They got the fever
Disco fever

Fever fever fever
Fever fever fever

Now that we found the way to make you say that disco fever
We like to take you dancing now to the Disco of the yolk
There comes a time when sugar needs you
When pretty people for …?… Will lead to the fall

You got the right to dance somebody, yeah.

3:09 – here come that sikk break!
4:40 – Here come the sirens! Wild Tiger Dan

Daaaaaancccccce (intergalactic voice)

Attention please
Disco fever has surpass epidemic proportions,
And is now ascending through out the galaxy of the universe
We even wonder if continuous UFO sider
are incoming aliens from the universe and distant planets
That contracted disco fever an nearly needs to dance to


Aright gang, your full time job is to roll on those and other lyrics to raise the temperature on JUNE 26 +++


“NEXT HOLY COMES WITH TWO DANCING POLES” – The balloons are one real good mess. It always feels good to party with them and take some home, kick them, write on them, let them hang on the living room till it disappears. But before goodness flying warm up will bring up the toning levels. This coming JUNE 26 with Sadar Bahar! Check out the Holy Water FLICK ACCOUNT


“PART 7 OF 7” –  We have no imagination on the thoughts of what happens to the rest of this party at Pleasure Dome, cracking A1 massive wrecking vibe, fifteen people on the dance floor and we sure they  pick up the rest for another 7 days. Sadar is filling up all the holes, for those that like to spread down …


“LUKE WYATT DID ONE HOLY JOB– This DVD has no limit, in the car, in the streets, in the kitchen, in the shower, in the post office, to private house parties, Peoples Potential Unlimited are also breaking down to us slowly in any space. Washington’s D.C.’s boogie bandits are coming straight to the dance floor with a revelation far more then old school moves. This community of musicians are pushing our sound for the June party with Sadar Bahar, as the irresistible classic “family Album” brings the Party to a danger zone – It’s gonna be a Secret Location! stay tune! Barry keeps on whispering ….

The temperature of love rising

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