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“THEY CAN DRINK” – Holy Water joins forces with the J.A.W. family. We welcome our french based party Just Another Whities. These guys ride the bike with the helmet, eat their deep dish pizza and have no fear of the man behind the curtain. Not much is known from this family in Berlin, other than their history with the pure sound of Soul and the flowing channel of their music interest that grew with the underground in Paris. At their Innercity parties, starting back in 2005, as they said, “enough to all this”, Paris was introduced to not only to Mr. Larry Heard, singing live to a proper house sound but, the real underground Sound from Chicago of dj Sadar Bahar blending months later into the hands of Dj Jamie 3:26 and Malik Pittman. Now JAW and Holy Water is Back 2 Back.



“LADIES AND GENTLEMEN” – Change of plans thirsty ones, Mr. SADAR BAHAR is not only breaking news but, will break through all volcano ash and land in the middle of Kreuzberg. Where? What? When? and How to fly to this summer soul sensation must be kept anxious to a vivacious smile. Stay tune!

The temperature of love rising

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