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“THIS DJR-400, WILL PERISH” –  if you don’t catch them from the Sears Tower catch them down here at Festsaal Kreuzberg tonight. Never seen a match made in heaven ‘back to back’, thats the holy truth. Let’s see it, for the first time these two pretty buns are spreading no butter…




“ALL YOU GIRLS MAY BE WONDERING…” – We can count on Last Thursday to be a musical oasis. Up ‘there’ on the stage, the last three tracks from Sadar and Theo on a back to back last minute set were raging towards infinity. On the other side, back to real business, tap water business, you do realize that it is taking a bit longer than usual carrying along with our holy occupation, for many reasons that is. One reasons is that we are spending all our money on cupcakes, and unfortunately not on Girls….


“NON-STOP – GET YOUR PASS” – Berlin is innocent! You are guilty, JAW is guilty, we are guilty... might be tempting to bring an accused friend along.

The temperature of love rising

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