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“FLICK,FLICK,FLICK” – There are some unrecognizable people out there on the dancerfloor on November 19, we would like to send a personal invitation for the next Holy Water – they where getting down! You might know these cats …



“LET THE MUSIC PLAAAAAAY” – We pay respect to the ones that captured some of the pole dancers on camera, since Hunee’s show biz was 100% – the dancefloor,  “the vibe”, “the energy”, “the Soul” and the balloons.

Rahaan is a Natural, no genius, no master, a naturale! The feeling came from the center of the dancefloor and traveled to every corner. Every corner had been ambitiously overtaken by the general flow of a known silhouette, that is people closely sharing the dance … and keeping it like that til sunrise.

THE ‘Tube’

“LET THE MUSIC PLAAAAAY” – No Rain so far, but we finally got those two videos posted – at least ‘those ones’.  Dig in ‘TheTube’, as all that it needs to be seen, comes down on the dancing pole and through the tube. If you also got the flying started on the Holy Water night with Rahaan, share with us your lovely videos; cute, flaky and shaky is all welcome!



“THE HEART KEEPS ON BUMPING” – People’s semblance called it “Close to the edge”. Last night’s party at the Monster with the very blessed man, Mr Rahaan Young, gave us a major real to real ‘heart breaker’ until our next Holy Water ‘Dance or fly’. If ‘feeling’, moves the heaviest sensation of the body’s experience, say no more! – media about the party no later than the next rainy day.



“THE PARTY ALREADY STARTED” –  This morning, Rahaan woke up, went out and got a nice Neukollnian Sandwich, he says: “I’m gonna get myself a sweater cause its cold”. Back in the house, the djr-400 wasn’t just an easy ‘let go’ for ‘the warmth of locality live !



“MATCH MADE IN HEAVEN” –  It might come across in the way of others, who make it over the bridge on Warschauer Str, that just a bit higher, in front of the panorama of the ‘O2 World’ – The boogie also calls back! Thanks to our J.A.W. friends and Retreat crew for the raw material, bucket, brush and love pics before this coming Thursday!




“TIME TO DRINK UP IN BERLIN” – Soon! Soon! Soon! – The party is on and waiting, for the upcoming heat next week on November 19, doors open up @ 22h00. And like other ‘places’, which have already burned down based on a simple matter – dance, get down, kick it, spread the salt and “fly”,”fly”,”fly”… Don’t forget to pick up the salt in the entry, if is not already in your pocket!




“AS PROMISED” – Rahaan’s special mix for us is once more, what you heads know – a blast!, from Chicago’s own. In between, we where interested in something out of the basement, cause sure enough, any of you have enjoyed opening up a spot in your files for his mixes. Rather something  fresh, up and out of the blue – his own “in my bag”, latest colors and tones of tracks and songs from the past days, are put together for you with love in Rahaan’s Dance world.




“DONT COME WITH YOUR EARS CLEAN” – We can’t imagine not giving you material and updates on Rahaan’s mixes all around, south side, east and west from the basement of the web, non stop – only bus stop!



“LOVE GAMES”DeepHousePage mix archive

“SO RIGHT” The Guetto Disco mix archive

“DANCE CIRCUS” – Planeta Modular

ChicagoHouseradioMix – Chicagohouseradio mix archive

“DISCO BOOGIE WOMAN” Druffalo mix archive

“DANCE IF YOU FEEL LIKE IT”Chuck Brothers mix archive

“PART I”Independent Movement at Dust 2008 – one of those days with Rahaan and Sadar

“THIS ONES FOR PEE WEE”DeepHousePage mix archives

Not being able to find the end of this compromising post – so, stop by and dig in the BringTheHeat page for no final destination. These so far, count down on the personality and spirit of Rahaan’s Music and dancing tonality. Coming soon, Rahaan’s own surprise mix for Holy Water.

The temperature of love rising

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