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“RAHAANISM” –  No doubt this took a bit longer that what we thought, but here it is: PART I and PART II of “High Rise”, that started with Rahaan playing Rah Band – Message from the stars, and finished up with some crazy gospel funk track – around three hours of live mixing and dancing while streaming also live on Stickam, one of those great suggestions of the man itself. Yes, we all dance and ate some good pizza; wine and soda, beer and all that, made up our good behavior. Hunch Music closed up the night, but unfortunately we didn’t record that.




“HUNCHING” – The “/hʌntʃ/” is not in this case, something that has gone wrong. Another chapter of “In the beginning there was love, and love made us thirsty”, brought by Hunch Music, to keep the dancing therapy once more, a feeling and a touch of human action. Hunch Music can grow to the highest without having no clear evidence where music will travel next, willing to take it without set standards, but not forgetting that who really rock the boat, where not those that made it without Soul.

The temperature of love rising

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