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“FORGET THE VIBE AND GET THE SPICE” – Our last smoky mess with Mark Seven is finally up and running at the Tube.



“STRECHING OUT” – That guy on the cover is not Greg Smithey its Mark’s latest treat and it doesn’t hurt! Its pure pleasure…

This salute is to the djs & music on the classics NY & SF discoteques that inspired me as I dug into the playlist of pioneers like Roy Thode, Jim Burgess, Robbie Leslie, Bobby Viteritti, Warren Gluck, Michael Fierman, Frank Houlihan, Chuck Parsons, Howard Merritt, Alan Dodd and more. Names that are often overlooked as disco history is written on larry, Frankie, Nicky & David

Get yourself a copy, its November!




“EXTRA CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES” – Music, Dance, a medicine that has its own evolution of technical equipment, meaning to look back to old ways to slice down night life. Wales, 1998, an operation of one bloody Techno grind; Surgeon, keeps signs of life – ashing while precise pitch slicing mixture. Meanwhile, ashing was slowing down the weekend for Anthony, he quit, moving on to Finalscratch.



“GET YOUR PASS” – Sunday somewhere in Amsterdam, these three lovely cupcakes wont put up with red lights!



“DRINK UP ITS PURE MARK” – for the next couple of days, if this weather keeps on pushing us inside the house you will be more blessed than us – Videos coming soon from our last Holy with Mark Seven



“LET FINNi ASK THE QUESTIONS” – Well boy, you don’t look like you’re from this part of the country…


The temperature of love rising

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